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Southern Colorado Barrel Racing Association (SCBRA)

SCBRA Charter:

We, as barrel racers, felt a need for an association that can provide all of us with  competition and excellence in barrel racing. So, as a group we have organized the Southern Colorado Barrel Racing Association. We have taken special consideration to make this association accessible to a broad group of members. The SCBRA by-laws have been put together in order to give us guidelines to operate the association. We do realize that no matter how carefully we have considered all matters, situations and problems will occur that we aren’t prepared for. As a varied group, the Board of Directors will deal with all problems in a professional, honest and fair manner. Please keep in mind that this will be new for all of us. Hopefully, we will grow and improve together. Our goal is to organize and raise the level of competition and improve barrel racing as a sport. We feel there is a quality of competitor that is willing to participate in this association. We hope the future will be bright, productive, and most of all, fun for all of us.

Win Tomorrow

Although our barrel racing boundaries are limited to the southern part of the state, membership is open to all Colorado residents. In opening our membership to outside our boundaries, we are excited about the potential growth in membership and in attaining higher standards in the sport of barrel racing in Colorado. This organization is nonprofit, and we rely strictly on money making projects and sponsor support to allow our on going success.

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