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SCBRA 2016 Annual Membership Meeting Minutes


The SCBRA 2016 Annual Membership Meeting was held at Latigo Trails arena on Sat. Oct. 1st, 2016.  The finals race was held just prior to the meeting with 50 runners.

President, Pam Ferguson called the meeting to order & emphasized that this is the only members meeting held all year.  If any changes are to be made for the new year, they need to be discussed today. 

Kelly Yates spoke briefly in honor of one of SCBRA’s Founders and close personal friend, Sally Anderson.  This is SCBRA’s 25th year in existence and Sally’s goals and intentions for SCBRA are still being carried out today. 

Secretary, Brenda McMahan read the minutes from last year’s annual meeting. 

Pam thanked Latigo Trails for allowing us to have our finals and kick off races at their beautiful facility and ask that everyone please pick up after themselves and their horses. 

The Question & Answer section of the SCBRA Newsletter was discussed.  A show of hands indicated that people are indeed reading it.  It was decided to continue including the Q & A even if just recycling what has already been written to help new members.

Pam brought up the issue of SCBRA Producers scheduling races on top of each other and stated that it is not SCBRA’s job to regulate when races are scheduled.  SCBRA advertises for our Producers but with as many producers and races now available it is nearly impossible to completely avoid some races being on the same day.  She went on to encourage our Producers to try to work together & communicate with each other to avoid as many races being at the same time as possible.  A discussion ensued on ways to help the smaller barrel races that are within SCBRA’s boundaries draw more participants in the case of other races being scheduled on the same day outside of Southern Colorado.  Lanette Pritchard made the motion that “If 2 or more barrel races are scheduled on the same day & time, one being outside SCBRA’s boundaries, the race or races schedule inside SCBRA’s boundaries will be DOUBLE POINTED.”  Andie Kay Cunningham seconded the motion.  The members present at the meeting voted on the motion, it did not carry with a vote of 8 voting yes and 9 voting no. 

In an effort to keep the finals and kick off races the same as far as points from year to year Mary Carson made the following motion. “The SCBRA Finals Race as well as the Kick-Off Race will count as DOUBLE POINTS every year from now on.  Also that times may be rolled from the 1st race to the 2nd race.”  Haley Hermes seconded the motion & the motion passed unanimously. 



Next on the agenda, the rule allowing multiple horses was discussed.  A possible change would be to have the members with more than one horse pick the horse that won the most money per month, next month the horse might change.  But for any given month, only one horse’s earnings could be reported per division on their SCBRA point card.  After some discussion on the pros and cons, no motion was made.  The rule allowing multiple horse will stay the same.


Currently the SCBRA rule regarding Roll Times states that roll times will count for SCBRA points except for limited races, such as Slot Races.  You do not have to run in a class for your money to count but you may only count that run one time.  You must run two times to count money in both divisions.  The motion was made by Haley Hermes to change this rule to the following. "Money won from roll times will count for SCBRA points except in races that are limited for any reason.  Points will not count from any Open barrel race that allows rolled times from a race that is limited for any reason.  (Limited Races include but are not limited to Slot Races or The American Qualifier)  Money earned in Youth, 50+ or Novice Horse classes must stay in the class it was earned.  Open money may be counted in any division since other classes are not offered at every race. Money won may only be counted one time and only one money per division." 


For Example: Suzie runs her horse in the Open and Rolls her time to the Youth division, she wins $200 in the open and $30 in the youth class.  She may count $200 in SCBRA's Open division and $30 towards the Youth OR she may count $200 towards the SCBRA Youth division & nothing in the Open.                                                                                                                                 Carol Ruggieri seconded the motion & it was passed by a vote of those present. 




Cynthia Heitmann made the motion that the Novice Horse limit be raised from $1,000 to $1,500.  Brenda McMahan seconded the motion but the vote did not pass.  The Limit will remain the same for Novice Horses - $1,000. 


Tami Davis asked that the SCBRA board discuss the possibility of limiting money maker races to only one per day.  This will be brought up at the next SCBRA Board meeting for discussion. 


Presented at a later time was the Treasurer’s Report:                                                                            Balance in the checking account on finals day was $1,245.46. This includes the $1,000 ear marked for the Open Saddle Award.   Our Awards budget was around $7,300.00.  The Silent Action brought in $1,185.00, thank you to all who donated items, worked at, and purchased items at the silent action!  A special Thank you to NBHA- CO-03 & Cactus Creek for hosting our 3 Money Maker Races in 2016!!  These races helped bring in extra money for our awards!!


President, Pam Ferguson adjourned the meeting.


Respectfully submitted by Brenda McMahan, SCBRA 2016 Secretary