SCBRA Barrel Racing Producer Links
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Producers with websites (click on link):

Burns Ranch Arena


Mile Hi Barrel Association


South East Colorado Can Chasers (SECCC)

Tanner Time Training Center

True West Productions

Producers without links:
JCJ Productions
McKnight Twisted Sisters Barrel Productions
T4T Productions 

Arkansas Valley Fair
Pikes Peak Jackpot Series
Steel City Riding Club
Twisted Sister Productions


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To become a SCBRA Barrel Race Producer and include your barrel races on our approval list you need only to contact our SCBRA President: Pam Ferguson 719-495-2308 or email at

The SCBRA Fee to have one race or each race approved individualy is $10 per race

Yearly Fee to have all your races approved $50 per year  Note: producers who sponsor money maker barrel races for SCBRA shall not be charged producer fees.


Criteria for barrel races to be counted for standings:

1.       Cloverleaf barrel pattern.

2.       Four (4) or more entries, except for the youth.

3.       Entry fees of $5 or more.

4.       Barrel race will be open to anyone regardless of age, sex, or non-member status, member or breed of horse.

5.       Limited entry races cannot be SCBRA approved and points will not count – Slot races are limited entry races. Open races that allow Slot races to roll into the Open cannot be counted towards points. Neither the Slot race nor the Open race can be approved, or counted for points.

6.       Two barrel races per month per division that are outside of the SCBRA boundaries may count.  All other races must be within the association boundaries.  All approved barrel races are in Colorado.

7.       Must be advertised in SCBRA newsletter or special approval postmarked or emailed 4 days prior to the date of the barrel race or entry deadline, if applicable.

8.       Open rodeos will count toward the standings if they are within our boundaries, advertised in the newsletter, and open to anyone regardless of age, sex or membership status.

9.       Producer of said barrel race agrees to pay producer fee for advertising in SCBRA newsletter.  Fee shall be: $10 per race, not to exceed $50 per year payable to SCBRA.  Note: producers who sponsor money maker barrel races for SCBRA shall not be charged producer fees.